Here is a Floor to Install!

June 3rd, 2013

Creative Floor and Backsplash Designs

I found this very creative project you may want to take a look at – I had never thought about raiding my piggybank for pennies for this sort of use!

Look  what you can do with 10,000 pennies!!!!!

Copper Pennies + Clear Resin = Beautiful Floor.

If you want to try this:   Save this picture and bring it to your local Home Improvement store and ask them what type of Clear Resin would work the best.  Also look into what kind of underlayment would be needed.  Yes, if you did this project yourself it would be cheaper than your average floor – approx. $2.50 – $3.50 but honestly I don’t know if this would be an acceptable use for our currency.  My suggestion would be to look into it a bit more but I must admit that it was a creative use for coins!  Quite Beautiful end product!!!!!

Shelly Olsen